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Quilters and textile enthusiasts have gone to Japan with Susan Ball Faeder since 1988, to bask in its beauty and to marvel at its wonders, both ancient and modern. In recent years others have copied our itinerary, but no one else can offer the same quality of experience for travelers seeking more than a shopping trip.

Our sincere thanks to veteran tour participants who took the time to write about their experiences.

Quilters Express to Japan“I love Japan! I especially love going there with Susan. She takes you on a wonderful journey through a magical land with the utmost respect for the people, their rich traditions, and history. With her lifetime of connections in Japan, Susan offers fabulous opportunities to see Japanese textiles—from taking you into homes to see private collections to hands-on workshops. But her trips are so much more than that…there are temples, gardens, shrines, funny old houses, and geisha wandering about…museums…bullet trains…and green tea ice cream…Mt. Fuji, and fabulous kimonos. I could go on and on and on. I’ve been on five of Susan’s tours and each one is better than the next!. Traveling with her is a treat not to be missed!
-Ibby J., Waialua, Hawaii

“Some people leave their hearts in San Francisco, but I just left mine in Japan with Susan Faeder's 16th tour for quilters. I am still basking in memories of textile collections, indigo dyers, sashiko lessons, geishas, theatre, temples and shrines, quaint villages and shops, food, snow in the mountains and new friendships. Susan’s tour is so much more than just a tour for quilters…it is a trip for the soul. I will remember always the pride of the people who strive to create and preserve their art passing on a history steeped in tradition.”
-Betty Ann G., Chestertown, MD

“I have just put my pictures on the computer and I am amazed at all the beauty. The colors are a feast for the eyes. Thank you for a wonderful trip. My mind has not stopped going over the trip since I got home. I see things differently thought my Japanese eyes...

Thank you for all your work to make the trip happen; and for exposing us to so many opportunities. Most people would not be exposed to so many wonderful faces of Japan. Each day I have a new favorite memory. The trip was perfect. I would love to make another trip with you.”
-Janet W., Grand Junction, CO

“My first trip to Japan was wonderful. Everyone should make a trip to this country of contrasts. Quilters’ Express took us to places where ordinary tours cannot. I enjoyed the mix of organized events and free time for personal exploration.

At 81 years old, I am looking forward to my next trip to Japan.”
-Geri D., Grand Rapids, MI

“You are in for the treat of your life when you travel to Japan with Susan Faeder’s Quilters’ Express tour! As a fairly seasoned traveler, I was a bit apprehensive about joining a group tour, but the necessities of limited time and travel with my 80-year-old companion led us to a wonderful experience. As a quilter, the featured destinations and activities definitely appealed to me. But I soon realized that the tour was so much more than that. Because of her familiarity with the people and culture of Japan, Susan will lead you to experiences and opportunities that would be impossible to find on your own or even with another tour. There are many words that help to describe the tour—active, fun, flexible, educational, spiritual—but to truly capture the essence of Japan, I highly recommend the Quilters’ Express to Japan experience.”
-Cindy A. Lowell, MI

“I had looked forward to your Quilters’ Express to Japan Autumn Splendor Tour, 2006 for quite a while, and can say without reservation that it was a wonderful experience in so many ways—a combination of planned textile, cultural, and history activities blended with unscripted and self-discovery experiences. Seeing the textiles of two private collectors early in the tour provided a foundation on which to layer the later visits to learn about quilting, indigo-dyeing, shibori, and stenciling. I enjoyed the variety of both planned group activities and free time for exploring, big cities and smaller country town, museums, quilt show, shopping. Your enthusiasm and love of the country and its people helped make this a trip to remember—and I am working capturing those memories in my journal!”
-Beverly B., Chestertown, MD

“It’s very hard to give you a succinct testimonial about the trip because it was all so perfect. The trip had a good pace and a nice combination of city and rural sites. Your expertise, experience, and social connections also made a huge difference. I was so impressed with your knowledge of the development of Japanese quilting as well as other Japanese textiles. An incredible amount of detailed work goes into orchestrating such a fluid trip, and I thank you for your attention to the details. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone and would go again myself.”
-Becky M., St. Louis, MO

“My first trip with Quilters’ Express was excellent. I found that I enjoyed the history stops as much as the textile related stops. And I had only been in Japan about three days when I began wondering how and when I could come back...

Why QETJ and not another way? I have traveled extensively the last 25 years but have only taken a few organized tours. The approach taken by Susan toward educating you as well as getting you from point A to B intact appeals to me. She touches lightly or deeply on topics as your interest dictates. Her contacts in Japan create an opportunity for you to interact with people, making a much more interesting tour than would otherwise happen. Her knowledge of what to expect regarding meals, hotels, cabs, trains, etc, made the trip more manageable than I imagined it could be.”
-Marge F., Grand Junction, CO

“I had been to Japan three times, twice with other tour groups, before traveling there with Quilters’ Express. While not much of a quilter, I have a passion for fabric and Susan’s special knowledge of Japanese textiles made this trip truly the experience of a lifetime. Not only did we see all that was promised in the itinerary, there were fabulous unscheduled visits as well...

It was so pleasant traveling with a group of like-minded people, and I made two new dear friends. I treasure my memories of the trip and will go with Susan again as soon as possible. I do not hestitate to recommend traveling with Quilters’ Express to Japan!”
-Marianne M., Delhi, NY

“It was a wonderful trip you arranged for us—and for me it was a dream come true. I have talked about it for so many years so I was a little afraid that my expectation was too high, but you have fulfilled all my dreams.”
-Jette B., Somers, NY