Owned and operated by fiber artist Susan Ball Faeder since 1989

Three Friends © Susan Ball Faeder

Three Friends

Hand-appliquéd fiber collage using treasured antique kimono remnants, both Japanese hand-dyed, hand-woven cotton indigo (aizome) and Okinawan hand-woven bast fiber cloth made from the … More Three Friends »

Woodlands © Susan Ball Faeder


Hand-appliquéd intuitive fiber collage in autumnal landscape colors using both Japanese vintage cotton and newer, commercially produced cotton. The remnants are sewn by hand … More Woodlands »

End of Summer © Susan Ball Faeder

End of Summer

Fiber collage of cotton remnants – both new and old, both American and Japanese, both hand-dyed and commercially-produced – that are appliquéd by hand … More End of Summer »

Yukata Play © Susan Ball Faeder


Using Japanese vintage hand-stencil-dyed Japanese cotton yukata kimono sample swatches from the dyers, this mostly blue and white wall hanging is machine-pieced and machine-quilted. … More YUKATA Play »

Indigo Patchwork © Susan Ball Faeder

Indigo Patchwork

Machine-pieced, machine quilted wall hanging drawing materials from my sacred box of Japanese vintage hand-dyed (aizome), hand-woven (kasuri), and hand-tie-dyed (shibori) indigo cotton kimono … More Indigo Patchwork »

New Year's Day © Susan Ball Faeder

New Year’s Day

Machine-pieced and machine quilted wall hanging with select kimono remnants including Japanese vintage hand-dyed aizome indigo, Japanese vintage hand-woven cotton kasuri, and Japanese hand-tie-dyed … More New Year’s Day »

Pastel Butterfly © Susan Ball Faeder

Pastel Butterfly

Small machine-pieced, machine-quilted wall hanging with Japanese sashiko-style hand-embroidered butterfly motif. Center fabric is hand-dyed, hand-woven now vintage Japanese indigo by the hands of … More Pastel Butterfly »

Owned and operated by fiber artist Susan Ball Faeder since 1989

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