Owned and operated by fiber artist Susan Ball Faeder since 1989

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Arigato: Boro Boro Byobu 1 © Susan Ball Faeder

Fiber collage of vintage Japanese cotton kimono remnants, including aizome (indigo dyed), kasuri (hand-wovens) and katazome (hand-stenciled), hand-stitched onto nylon netting and mounted onto a vintage woven Japanese kimono narrow-striped fabric for men. *Can be displayed on its own, or as a pair with the next image, Boro 2. (37” Ht. x 14.5” W.) 2005

What the Tide Brings 2 © Susan Ball Faeder

The two pieces in “What the Tide Brings” series were completed in the same week but in different rooms. Tide #1 began with traditional -but also playful- log cabin blocks that build outward until the traditional grid disappears. Tide #2 uses many of the same fabrics, but block structure drops off and gives way to overlapping raw-edges, reflective of the ever-returning shoreline waves. The collaged shell cluster embellishments (on both pieces) represent the treasures remaining on the beach when the tide goes back out. The rose and orange-toned fabrics are actually vintage traditional blue and white hand-stenciled Japanese summer yukata kimono remnants that had yellowed greatly with age, but given a 2nd life by over-dying. Tide #2 has a machine-pieced top and is hand-quilted through batting. (35.52“ Ht. x 19” W.) 2005

Owned and operated by fiber artist Susan Ball Faeder since 1989

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