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Sayonara to the JFC!

The “Japanese Fabric Club” was created in 1997 by QETJ owner, Susan Ball Faeder, for the quilters and fiber enthusiasts around the world who loved and collected Japanese fabric, but who could not afford to go to Japan or readily find it at their local quilt shops. While swatch clubs were popular in the late 1990’s, sending out big fabric bundles of prepaid fabric on a regular basis was a relatively new concept. Joining the JFC insured delivery of 6 beautiful bundles of fabric per year, right to your door. And now, after 19 years, it is time to say good-bye to the JFC.

JFC Members easily became the Preferred Customers of QETJ, as Susan devoted herself to searching the fabric markets across both the USA and Japan to find the very BEST for her JFC membership. Each pack had a unique theme and no fabric was ever repeated. Fabric choices explored the entire spectrum: from the most Japanese traditional motifs (such as cherry blossoms or Mt. Fuji) to the more contemporary abstract patterns. At the same time, a fabric bundle could showcase a set of coordinating fabrics around a main print or panel, or it might feature an entire collection designed by a Japanese quilt sensei. The selections of fabrics always portrayed yet a slice of Japanese sensibility. Last but not least, each wrapped and ribboned mailing arrived with an accompanying letter from Susan that talked about this sensibility and provided rich cultural information about Japan and the art of Japanese fabric-making process.

Over 500 members passed through the “JFC.” At the close, in December 2016, after 114 one-of-a-kind fabric mailings, 12 of the original 15 members were still on board, steadfast to the end, along with about 40 members who joined in the last 5 years. Look to the right at the fabric photo groupings, showing examples of past JFC mailings.

NOTE: We will be revising and adding new fabric to our onsite catalogue in September, and we hope to get the new QETJ etsy site up and running by summer. In the meantime, if you feel the need for a Japanese fabric “fix,” please send Susan an email.

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