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Requests for Commissions or Judging

Susan accepts offers for curating and jurying quilt shows and fiber related events.

Susan also accepts commission workóboth residential and corporate, including site specific requests. She is available to create, coordinate, manage and/or act in an advisory capacity for quilt and fiber related events.

For these kinds of special challenges, she brings to the table:
• 20+ years experience as a professional artist and business woman including art, retail and travel
• 25+ years of exhibiting her own work nationally and internationally
• A working knowledge of art, with a special nod towards Japanese art history and Japanese textiles
• A broad and historical vision and perspective of both quilting techniques and range of quilting styles
• A good eye for color, balance, and composition
• A sense of humor and humility
• Lots of enthusiasm and energy

To begin a dialogue on any of these possibilities, please email Susan directly.