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Susan’s Solo Show, “BLUE,” at Milton Art Bank

Three Friends © Susan Ball Faeder

Dear QEJAPAN Friends and Clients,

I wanted to share with you the wonderful news: My solo exhibit at Milton Art Bank, titled “BLUE,” is open, with 44 works gracing the walls and my collection of 100 amulets displayed in glass cases. It looks fabulous! The show runs through April 30, so there is lots of time to think about coming. I would be happy to meet you there any time for a personal walkthrough.

At the top of this post is the featured image for the show, “Three Friends.” Scroll down to see the back of the announcement postcard listing details about the venue, and a copy of the announcement on the MAB website.

If you can visit: Please note I can offer private viewings on days or times when the museum is not open to the public. This can be for one person or two, or maybe up to 5-6 (for now). Hopefully things will lighten up in the weeks ahead and people will be more comfortable to venture out. It’s a big, beautiful open space and masks are required. If you can’t come in person, please follow me @susanfaeder and/or @miltonartbank on Instagram or Facebook for your daily dose of indigo art. My new work will be up on this website very SOON.

With all best wishes and a bow of gratitude that our paths have thus crossed,

From the Milton Art Bank:

MAB is pleased to present BLUE, an exhibition featuring mixed-media textile works by Susan Ball Faeder. On view are patchwork-quilts, fiber collages, rag weavings, Japanese sashiko-style embroideries, and works from Faeder’s 100 cloth amulets series. The title of the exhibition refers to indigo, a rich color with a distinct spirit and essence, often considered the mainstay of Japanese textiles. By collaging and repurposing remnants of Japanese textiles, Faeder deeply explores the intertwined natures of color, form, culture, and place. Her work engages the Japanese idea of “mottainai” – meaning to waste nothing – as a way to honor the original craftspeople who made the textiles used in her artwork. In this way, Faeder’s work naturally links cloth with culture, extending the life of textiles into new forms with new metaphors, highlighting the ways various materials trigger memories particular to time and place, while also showing a deep respect for different cultures.

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  1. Susan: I love the piece for the announcement. Your art is so delightful and playful and this piece really shows your adventure in spirit. Very best wishes to you ans congratulations on this show!

    1. Thank you, Jean, for being there for me in friendship and support of my art. Please take care and keep in touch. I think of you often and hear your laughter. Keep your chin up and I’ll try too. S

  2. Congratulations Susan. I wish I lived close enough to attend. Best wishes for a successful show & 2022.
    Sincerely, Linda Gaines

  3. So sorry I can’t make it to any of the showings. I continue to be amazed by your work.
    Chris Woodruff

    1. Chris dear, My textile art exhibit will be up at the Milton Art Bank until April 30… Maybe there is a way to get you there when the snow melts and hopefully things lighten up a bit? Please take care. Fondly, Susan

  4. Hooray for you, Susan! The pictures look like the show is full of your fabulous creations! Love them and You! Joyce

    1. Joyce, The exhibit looks wonderful and I am so happy. I wish you and Kyra could drive “down” and see it. If not, I might just have to drive “up” and see you this summer. Be well. Love you, too. S

    1. Wouldn’t that be fun? Having a day together? I’ll double cross my fingers and toes. Thank you for your support and love- you are always there for me. S

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Owned and operated by fiber artist Susan Ball Faeder since 1989

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