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Japanese vintage silk kimono scarves & more holiday shopping inside!

Holiday Patchwork © Susan Ball Faeder

Dear QEJAPAN Friends and Clients,

If you are (like me) just beginning to move down your gift recipient list, or if you are looking for a last unique Japanese-y gift for that special someone, I would like to recommend some ideas and choices from the QEJAPAN Web Shop and the QEJAPAN Etsy Shop. Likewise, should you be one of those “all done” people, perhaps consider treating yourself to something beautiful, a little reward?

L to R: Origami Papers, Teal, Pink Floral, and Black and White Shibori

These are just a few of the designer silk scarves handmade from vintage Japanese kimono, now available in my Etsy shop!

I’ve just finished listing 25 museum-quality, gorgeous “Silk Kimono Scarves,” that were handmade from select Japanese vintage kimono. You will be the first to see them! Many use authentic Kyoto Yuzen fabric, a unique method of stencil-dye plus hand painting. Some are narrow and some are wide, but they are all about two yards long and can be worn in a variety of ways with a variety of clothing. Click HERE (or on a photo) to go directly to the featured page on QEJAPAN Etsy… And while you are there, perhaps check out my two other NEW categories: Purses and Pouches, and Jewelry.

For the person on your list who appreciates art, please head over to my QEJAPAN Web Shop. In particular, I suggest the Framed Small Works category. Choose your favorite piece now before prices go up in January. While there, perhaps also look at the Table Runners page (where you can find my Holiday Patchwork Table Runner shown above) and the Japanese Fabric Packs page. All four table runners and the last nine Kasuri Charm Packs are discounted by 10% through the end of December.

My Red Feather Sashiko Wreath, I Love Blue Table Runner (detail), and Kasuri Charm Packs (detail) would all make great holiday gifts!

NOTE: We ship by USPS, with tracking and insurance up to $50 included. To insure a timely delivery, please order by December 17. Prices on the website include shipping, and payments go through Paypal; Orders via Etsy have a separate shipping fee and can be paid by several options. If you prefer to pay by check, PLEASE feel free to email me directly.

I will be back in January 2022 with information about my soon-to-be-released (limited edition) 100 Amulets book, and about my upcoming ((( drum roll ))) solo fiber art exhibition, titled simply “Blue,” that will run from January 27-April 30, 2022, in a local museum here in central PA. I hope that many of you will come visit. Please know that I will be setting up private viewings due to Covid.

Have a joyous holiday! Stay positive, stay safe, keep your needle threaded, and let me know what’s happening in your world. 

All the best~ Susan

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    1. Thanks for your note. Since you have been to the place where Yuzen is done in Kyoto, I think you can appreciate that they are even more beautiful than my limited photography skills portrays. Somehow, I thought you might consider one for Miss Joyce. She could carry it well. Do you think you (and Mom) might drive down for an overnight in the spring to see my show ?? S

  1. Susan, you just never cease to amaze me! I definitely plan to visit your museum exhibit, so please keep me posted! And have a happy holiday!

    1. Thanks for being in touch. Amazing? I’m not so sure. My “retirement” feels more like running fast to catch up with myself. But it sure would be FABULOUS if you could make it to my exhibit. Would be so great to see you again. Fingers crossed! S

    2. Hi Sharon,
      Hope this finds you managing life’s curves. I never know who is on my E-list and who is not- HA!, but wanted to let you know that my solo exhibtion is up and it looks great! I would be honored if you could come see it…maybe when the snow clears and hopefully the virus wanes a bit. You have my email… S

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Owned and operated by fiber artist Susan Ball Faeder since 1989

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