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New online shop and more good news!

Log Cabin Indigo House #2 © Susan Ball Faeder

Dear QE Clients and Friends,

When I last wrote in March, we were just beginning to make masks. Seems like a lifetime ago. Who could have imagined that millions of sewers would take up the gauntlet to serve the nation’s health workers and the elderly? Who could have imagined that masks would transform from a safety measure to a high fashion accessory at $50 each?  

I am writing today — on Black Friday and on the eve of Small Business Saturday to share some really really exciting news:

The Quilters’ Express to Japan online Shop
is (((drum roll))) finally OPEN!!

I hope you will join me in celebrating this milestone and perhaps take a few minutes to browse through the shop sections. All work is for sale, and along with larger work from the past several years, there are now about 25 new smaller works (including Log Cabin Indigo House #2 shown above) created over the last 9 months. As for my 100 Amulets, I am still not ready to break up the challenge group, but I have done a few commissions on request… more on this in my next blog post. 

  Japanese vintage fabric packs
are now also available for purchase

For those of you who are looking for a winter sewing project, or who would like to add to your indigo mending stash… I opened up my vintage Japanese kimono cotton collection and put together some fabric packs.

Vintage hand-stenciled yukata and hand-woven indigo kasuri fabric packs

One pack has a medley of vintage hand-stenciled blue and white yukata fabrics, and the other has hand-woven vintage indigo kasuri fabrics. Each set comes in two sizes: Rectangular (6” x 14”) and Mini Square (about 6”). There is a nice selection of prints and wovens, but if you order more than one pack, there might be an overlap. This is a limited quantity situation, first come/ first served, while supply lasts.

Heads up: All payments in the cart are direct via Paypal (which includes credit cards), S/H fees are included the cost, and shipping will be by USPS first class or US Priority Mail. *Orders through December 31, will include a gift of authentic, colorful sashiko thread. 

Two more Good News Shares

1. Earlier this month I participated in a local event sponsored by the Lewisburg Arts Council, called “Stroll Through the Arts,” where artists working in all mediums were invited to display their work in downtown shop windows.

Susan's window during Scroll through the Arts 2020 © Susan Ball Faeder
My window at Lewisburg’s “Stroll Through the Arts”

This annual affair usually includes a weekend of indoor receptions with libations, but due to Covid, the planning committee came up with an art-in-the-window idea, where guests could view art displays from outside for a week. As promotion, the committee offered for each artist to be interviewed (outdoors of course), and an option for posting on YouTube. A QR code on each artist’s poster linked it all up. Very high tech in my world.

Here is my talk! It’s weird to see yourself in a movie, but I’m glad I jumped in. 

My artist talk for Lewisburg’s “Stroll for the Arts” this fall

Here is the link to all the artists talks.

2. On the topic of “strolls,” I would like to suggest one more place for you to visit (from your computer at home), hopefully more fun and/or a respite from the mirage of Black Friday offerings: The Textile Study Group of New York has produced yet another gorgeous exhibition, Fall 2020 Gallery.

This juried online exhibition of innovative fiber work draws from the talented and diverse membership of a long and well-established organization (which anyone can join— you don’t have to live in NY). The works on display are not in alphabetical order by artist, so I can’t direct you to my page, but here is the link to my specific piece titled “Hollyhock” on my website.

P.S. If you have not seen it, check out the organization’s 40th year anniversary member’s showcase book, The Language of Making (which my work is included in), published earlier this year.

Still to come: my QETJ Etsy site!

Yes, soon I’ll be opening an Etsy site with a new 3D Ikat-Cat pattern, my collection of 100+ vintage kimonos (for wearing, display or cut up) and 50+ gorgeous Japanese vintage silk kimono scarves that will take your breath away…. And MORE! Stay tuned.

Japanese vintage silk kimono scarf with detail

I don’t want to end without saying I love hearing from you. Let’s support each other from afar during the upcoming holiday and winter season. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving — however you celebrated — and that you are able to experience a feeling of gratitude for being alive despite the chaos in our world.  It’s tough on some days, but keep at it: Self Care. You are stronger than you think. I leave you with my very best wishes and a link to a pre-election-but-still-valid 11/2/20 NY Times article embracing CALM.   

Warm regards, 

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  1. Susan…this is so delightful and I really appreciate your sharing. Especially loved your video. What a treat to hear you talk about those gorgeous pieces. You are an artist through and through. So glad we have stayed friends. Love Darian ?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Darian. And for your lovely comments. I hope you are well and taking good care. S

  2. Susan, there you are talking in living color with and about your gorgeous art. Other than seeing your lovely face, I appreciated the opportunity to take note of the actual size of each piece as well as bringing in the view as close as possible to observe the perfection of your fabrics, placement and hands on stitch work. Thanks for creating this wonderful opportunity to spend a bit of virtual time with you and participate in the love of your life’s work. I’m looking forward to the grand opening and participating in the online shopping experience.
    My best wishes, applause for another job well done and heartfelt success to you on this newest transformation of your Japanese heart and soul.
    Long may the flag of QETJ wave…..
    Warmest regards,
    Sherry Masters

    1. Miss Sherry, We’ve known each other a long time. You’ve seen my path up close, supported and encouraged me without fail since Chelsea Day School days. Thank you from my heart for these kind words as I step into yet another new arena. xo S

    1. Thank you, Vicki, for your kind words about my Amulet Series- and for your order. I have done a few private amulet commissions on request. Depending on the item, I might be able to near-duplicate the fabrics or I can do something entirely different. Please let me know if you are interested to talk further. In the meantime, I am still trying to find a suitable venue or owner for the entire collection. It was an amazing journey.

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Owned and operated by fiber artist Susan Ball Faeder since 1989

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