Owned and operated by fiber artist Susan Ball Faeder since 1989

© Susan Ball Faeder


For more than 30 years, Susan Ball Faeder has been actively following the path of quiltmaking in Japan, researching the history of Japanese indigenous textiles, and sharing this through many avenues: her Japan tours, vending and mail order of textiles, teaching, lecturing, and gallery exhibits—all under the umbrella of Quilters’ Express to Japan. Please join Susan in celebrating this new reincarnation of QETJ, where she shifts the direction and focus to pursuing her own path as a fiber artist.

100 Days of Amulets

In the spring of 2017, I happened upon an open invitation to participate in the Instagram version of the “100 day project.” Read More »

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Amulet Day 1/100 © Susan Ball Faeder

Here we go! I’m in & will commit to try my best for the #100dayproject2019 with my #100daysofamulets (which will probably be mostly made of vintage Japanese fabric & eventually become pins or necklaces). I also join my fellow sewers & offer my support at #100daysofstitchingtogether

*All artwork is original and done by the artist’s hand, with no assist unless otherwise stated. All artwork is for sale except the 100 Amulets which are currently committed to an exhibition in 2022; please inquire. Use of images or text without express permission from Susan Ball Faeder is prohibited.

Owned and operated by fiber artist Susan Ball Faeder since 1989

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