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Japanese Quilting Magazine

Sorry, we no longer offer distribution of the Japanese Quilt Magazines.

The Japanese quilting community has reached world-class status in a very short span of 40 years—both from a design perspective and also in technical skill. Indeed, they have exhibited their work and entered competitions all across the USA and Europe, and have been awarded many ribbons including the top prizes in Paducah and Houston.

The Japanese quilters are also very sophisticated world travelers; theyare very interested in being apart of the global community of quilting. It is no surprise, then, that their quilting publications (now in business more than 20 years each) cover not only what is happening nationally in Japan, but additionally provide a bird's eye view into quilting communities all around the world.

Important Notes
1. This magazine is in Japanese, so unless you can read kanji, you will not be able to read the articles. However, as each high-quality book-sized issue contains beautiful photographs and illustrations, and often has pattern inserts as well, long-time subscribers agree that the visuals are worth the cost.

2. This publication comes from Japan by boat, is imported via a distributor system, and arrive in the USA about six weeks post production. We ship them to you in a padded envelope to insure arrival in the best possible condition. Your subscription begins whenever you sign up, but depending on the publisher's schedule, it may take up to 12 weeks before your first magazine goes in the mail. We don't charge your credit card until we are ready to ship.

3. The online catalog will calculate postal rates for U.S. Priority Mail and international rates to ship each magazine as it comes in, one at a time.


Quilts Japan Magazine
(1 issue = $25.00)
1 year subscription or 4 issues = $100.00
S/H will vary according to postal zone and zip codes