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Japanese Fabric Club

The JAPANESE FABRIC CLUB was created in 1997 for people who love and collect Japanese fabric, but could not find it readily at their local shops. Seventeen years and 100+ mailings later, the JFC is still going! Joining the “JFC” for one year allows you to receive 6 beautiful bundles of Japanese fabric—delivered right to your door. Each pack has a theme, building a set of coordinating fabrics around a main print or panel. Sometimes the fabrics are more “contemporary” — but the selected fabrics will always have a Japanese sensibility. JFC Members are the Preferred Customers of QETJ, and owner, Susan Ball Faeder, is devoted to searching the fabric markets to find the very BEST for her JFC membership. Her accompanying letters to the members contain interesting and rich cultural information about Japan and Japanese fabrics. The fabric groupings on the right show three examples of recent JFC mailings.

Membership Information
1. MEMBERSHIP FEE is $15.00 for one calendar year, beginning whenever you sign up. Renewal notice will be sent to JFC Members.

2. FABRIC COST: Each bundle always remains the same: $35.95 per pack. Since the commitment is for one year – or six mailings – the total for one year is $215.70. Each of the 6 packs will contain between 2.5 – 4.5 yards of gorgeous Japanese fabrics. Although the size cut of each piece of fabric and the widths of the fabrics will vary–there is always enough to make a small quilt or garment. With each mailing, JFC Members also receive a letter from Susan, as well as MEMBERS ONLY discounts on fabrics, patterns, or ornaments.

*Within the USA: Packages are mailed via US Priority Mail. Depending on the postal zone, and the weight of the goods, the S/H cost will range between $8.75$14.55 per shipment, or about $50$80 for the year. If we can fit the bundle in a flat rate box for a lower rate, you will receive a credit at the time of renewal.
*International: Packages are mailed via USPS Air Mail. The online system will provide a close estimate of the postal rates. However, since the amount of fabric and the weight of the packages vary slightly each time, and since international postal rates are especially sensitive to small changes in weights, the actual S/H rates may vary from the online quote. If you are paying for the year in advance, we will charge your shipping fees separately, twice annually after 3 mailings, and again after 3 more. Please inquire if you want more specific information.

Pay As You Go: By creating an account in the Online Catalog section and placing your order, your credit card will be on file with us. The initial charge will be made at the time of the first mailing and include a $15 membership fee, the cost of one bundle: $35.95, and the S/H fee for one bundle. After that, the cost for the remaining 5 shipments will include only the fabric and the S/H. You will receive a credit card receipt with each mailing. We do not share your information with anyone.

Additional JFC Details
1. We accept Mastercard and Visa. We will email you to request the request the 3-digit code for security purposes before expediting.

2. The JFC is not a swatch club: You will not be able to choose your fabrics in advance–nor will you be able to return or exchange fabrics–except for reasons of damage.

3. TAX NOTE: If you live in PA, you are subject to 6% state sales tax on membership, fabric, and S/H. If you live in the state of New York, you are subject to sales tax on goods only. You must show your NY State county and the appropriate tax rate. All other states and countries are exempt from sales tax.

4. If you live within the USA, you can also pay by postal money order or personal check (in US funds only). If you choose this method however, you must pay the full amount in advance for the year. Please contact us to verify the correct amount.

5. For Renewing JFC members who are paying in advance for the year with one payment, either by check or by credit card, we offer a waiver on the $15.00 Membership Fee. However, if you are a Renewing member and dividing your payments into 6 increments, you must pay the annual $15 Membership Fee each year.

6. AUTO RENEW: We have a special category of membership available at the time of your first renewal. Called AUTO-RENEW, it is for members who would like to stay in the club year after year after year! You agree to leave your credit card on file with us and we only contact you when the card expires, or if there is a problem. More than our members choose this category as it greatly reduces the paperwork.

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